My 2005 London Marathon

Time: 4:59:53

What a fantastic day! The crowds where out of this world. I had a great first 20, feeling good and keeping up and chatting with Jane, RW's 10 minute/mile pacer, who was doing a great job and going very well. Then, all of a sudden, at about 21ish miles, I had a very sharp painful stitch in my stomach (looking back I think may have been due to dehydration) which forced me to result to a walk, but at least I was able to finish.

The crowds, seeing I was in a lot of pain, were fantastic, shouting my name and willing me on, and the course showers where a welcoming sight just cooling you enough before getting back in the blazing sun.

Again the organisation, marshalls, first aiders and everyone else there to help on the big day where all top dog, making the day run like clock work.

I hope everyone who started with Jane managed to finish with her and those who didn't finish with her, I hope you still made it over the line.

A totally fantastic day just wishing I could of finished in the form that I had started with.

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