My 2005 London Marathon

Wolfy (right) and H.

What a great day we had whilst supporting at FLM! H. and I dragged ourselves out of our beds at 5am and drove down to London from an icy Manchester. We met up with the URWFRC crew at mile 17 and spent the following four hours cheering and clapping all the very warm runners. We gave out hundreds of jelly babies and managed to spot/speak to the majority of the forum people.

I was on team six, for my sins, and was joined by RichK, Tigerunner, Gavo and friend and we had a super time. I must admit I saw a very different side to FLM being a supporter as opposed to a runner and realised how so many people really do need the support of the crew which made the early morning get up and drive down worth every minute! Seeing Sean in his tight cycling shorts wasn't a bad Brucey bonus either ;-)

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