My 2005 London Marathon

Time: 4:02:44

Best moment: hearing the announcer say: ”here’s a guy coming home in giant butterfly wings!” Then I believed I would finish. Red Bull might give you wings, but my wings slowed me down by over a minute a mile. But I had loads of fun through the pain.

Worst moment: the heat at Docklands and not knowing where I was as the course was reversed from previous years, and my Garmin told me I was running 13-minute miles, then sulked behind the tall buildings. What would I do differently: more training in my giant wings as my shoulders are killing my while my legs just ache.

Best memory: the money I’ve raised for a super charity, and the moment when before the start a runner for ‘Changing Faces’ came up to us and said “you’re running for Debra, that’s a great charity,” which coming from a supporter of Changing Faces was a real accolade.

Debra is the UK charity for those with the genetic condition which makes the skin as fragile as a butterfly’s wing, hence my costume.

Thanks for a great website and magazine - I couldn’t have run London four times without RW.

Next year? Put my name down now!

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