Run the World

Torres del Paine, Chile

A marathon journey, but Chilean Patagonia rewards with a runners’ paradise of granite spires, glaciers, lakes and possibly the occasional puma to motivate your speedwork.   

Teotihuacan ruins, Mexico

Thirty miles from the sprawling metropolis of Mexico City lies the ruins of its 2,000–year-old alter ego, the largest city of the pre-Colombian Americas.

Brasilia, Brazil

A mix of 1950s modernism and sci-fi kitsch, the Brazilian capital is the work of visionary architect Oscar Niemeyer. Pack your suncream…

Shanghai, China

The largest city in the world bustles on the banks of the Yangtze river. Run between ancient and modern as historical sights nestle among the  skyscraping developments.

Tataouine, Tunisia

Famed as the inspiration for the planet Tatooine in Star Wars, the Berber dwellings of south Tunisia give your run an other-worldly edge. May the force be with you.

Sydney, Australia

The iconic sails of the Opera House framed by the imposing Harbour Bridge provides a stunning backdrop, while the wide promenade lets you move through your gears. Bonzer. 

Palmas, Brazil

A lush tranquility, well off the beaten tourist track between the coastal savannah and the Amazon rainforest.

Santa Maddalena, Italy

Views and sunshine aside, the region boasts the most Michelin-starred food joints in Italy. Carb-loading you say?

Wadi Rum, Jordan 

Also know as the Valley of the Moon, the granite and sandstone landscape in south Jordan is as close as you’ll get to an extra-terrestrial run without joining NASA.