RW Previews: Crowborough 10K, November 30

Where and when?
Sunday, November 30, East Sussex

What is it?
You would think that this being the last round of the Sussex Grand Prix, the organisers would pull out all the stops to give the series a great send-off. Thankfully that’s exactly what you get.

The Crowborough 10K is two-lap tour of the local surrounding rural and urban area. And with a typical start at a local school, and a fast descent down Crowborough Hill, you might be forgiven for thinking that a PB is on the cards.

With the mile-long dash downhill well and truly behind and your legs washed clean by a ford crossing at Jarvis Brook, the chances are that you may want to revise your dreams of a fast time.

After all what, er, goes down, must go up. A hill in any race has to be treated with at least a dash of trepidation. But a near mile-long slog that rises, levels off and then rises again is certain to stretch any athlete. But once you've dragged your body over the crest, you can buckle down and head for the finish, which is also on a hill.

And once you’ve crossed the line, you get to do it all again for the second lap...

What the organisers say:
“Our facilities are some the best around.” Even the hill...

What you say:
Gareth: “It's very tough. Two laps with a very steep mountain, I mean hill (about a mile long) that you have to do twice."

Tomm Brooker: "The worst bit is when you've been climbing for several minutes, go round a corner, think you're at the top, and it continues uphill again!! What's more, every year I forget." Doh!

What RW says:
"A demanding course with a rural setting. Perfect cross-counrty training.”

Watch out for:
The refreshments after the race.

Any extras?
A pre and post-race massage.

How to enter:
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