RW Previews: Dartford 10, January 18

Where and when?
Sunday, January 18, Kent

What is it?
The Dartford 10 has grown in stature since it was first run four years ago. After an early start at the local leisure centre, the race heads into Kent. The first couple of miles are over main roads, but press on: the race reaches some of the finest countryside shortly after.

The course is deceptively undulating, but there are no real sticky points that could derail your enthusiasm. With three miles covered, the course reaches the picturesque villages that make the trek along the main road worthwhile, before swinging past a viaduct at Horton Kirby and back into the countryside.

With two miles left, you'll come within 100 yards of the Kirby fishing lakes and Darneth Country Park, before heading back to the leisure centre for a dash to the finish line.

What the organisers say:
“It’s a great course for first-time racers.”

What you said in 2003:
KAM: "Good testing run. A well-organised event."

Big Bopper: Despite a slow run, I managed to sprint at the end. I saw two people in front of me, and caught one of them. (I was well pleased until I got down the chute, and saw them giving out T-Shirt spot prizes to every other runner. Damn! If I hadn't bothered, or tried harder, I would have come away with the T-Shirt.)

Watch out for:
Forumite Plum. It’s his birthday the Friday before the race.

How to enter:
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