RW Previews: GRIM, January 18

Where and when?
Sunday, January 18, Hampshire

What is it?
There is a patch of land in Aldershot that holds gruelling importance. It has been the scene for heroic James Bond action films, and the Army also test its new equipment and vehicles on it.

All very impressive stuff, we’re sure you'd all agree. In fact it sounds like a great place for 2000 multi-terrain-loving competitors to stretch their legs.

Well, the organisers of the GRIM seem to think so and who would argue with them, after so many of RW’s budding forumites have entered already. (Last year, over 400 RW members entered!)

After a brisk start on sandy paths, the race encounters an energy-sapping hill that stretches above the entire course. After a sweeping descent you’ll reach a water-filled ravine, before having to wade through some delighful, waist-high ‘puddles’.

Add metres of camouflage netting to crawl under, plus some tough man-made mounds, and another series of those puddles, and you may just have earned a highly rewarding finish line....

What the organisers say:
"It's a tough course, with some demanding sections. But the atmosphere is great and the level of suport between the runners is really strong."

What RW says:
“More mud, sweat and tears, over 8 miles of a fantastic course.”

What you say:
Spans: "Go on... you know you want to!”

Watch out for:
The girls' and boys' forum teams.

How to enter:
Click here: