RW Previews: Hillingdon 5, March 14

Where and when?
Sunday, March 14, Middlesex

What is it?
Whoever said that size matters was seriously misguided. You needn't look any further than the success of Tom Cruise, Mini Cooper, Michael Owen, and the kid from the 1980s top television hit, Different Strokes.

Despite being one of the shortest races RW has had the opportunity to preview, the Hillingdon 5 has everything a great race should have. A cracking course, mixed with scenic countryside and top-notch marshalling.

The action kicks off with a steep decent from the local clubhouse and a welcome break into the surrounding countryside. The route then levels off, as it takes you past the first of many local pubs.

The second mile, along Brakespeare Road, incorporates a series of undulating sections along a resurfaced road, and will take you under a narrow railway bridge. After a sharp incline you’ll come to a dual carriageway as the race reaches the village of Ickenham.

If you’ve paced yourself correctly, you’ll have enough in the tank for the final hurdle: A long, energy-sapping drag up to the railway station and Ruislip driving range.

Luckily for you, what goes up must come down, and the drop through Sharp’s Lane takes you to within sprinting distance of the finish.

What you said in 2003:
Chrissie: "This was my second race, having only started running last year. I really enjoyed it, plodding round in just under 49 minutes."

In Readers' races of the Year:
• "A good fast 5 miler. Ideal for a fast time, and a very sociable club, Hillingdon Athletic Club "--Chris Evans
• ... and 75% would do it again!

RW says:
It’s in our top 100 races of 2003, so what's stopping you?

What the organiser says:
"Although there are some undulating sections, you can still do a great time."

Watch out for
The energy-sapping climb up to the finish.

Any extras:
Medal, Winners' prizes.

How to enter:
Click here: