RW Previews (South): The Easy Runner Sodbury Slog

Where and when?
Sunday, November, 9, Bristol

What is it?
Comprising eight heart-stopping, lung-busting and back-breaking 'country' miles, The Easy Runner Sodbury Slog is anything but 'easy'.

Starting with a long road section, the course is run across some of Bristol’s most scenic sites, including a historic Roman encampment. The real work starts once the course goes off-road, with plenty of muddy stretches and some punishing hills on the agenda.

And if you can get over these intact, you’ll then have to tackle the tricky river crossing, followed by further climbs near and around Cotswold Way and the - now open to the course - manor house.

Last year the race attracted nearly 700 runners and you can expect at least that many this year.

What the organisers say:
From a completely impartial stance, “This is the best multi-terrain event in Bristol in by far. If there’s a harder eight miles, we’d like to know.”

What you say:
Mad Kat: “It is very hilly, one of the hills you could only go up in single file and walk, it was that steep. Saying that, I really did enjoy it.” What are you complaining about, then? (More on this forum thread)

What RW says:
“Love the idea of the Tough Guy but can't wait till January? This is your race....”

Watch out for:
Just to increase the sadistic spirit of the race, the organisers have chucked in a few straw-bales and stiles to tackle.

Any extras?
T-Shirt, Spot prizes

How to enter:
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