RW Previews: Stevenage 5K’s, Nov 19, Dec 3, Dec 16

Where and when?
November 19, December 3, 16 Hertfordshire

What is it?
By day, Stevenage - Britain’s first ‘new town’ - can claim fame for having a few bits of Roman rubble and... well, not much else. But for three cold winter nights it will be home to some of the best-organised racing around.

Three 5K races on November 19 and December 3 and 16, will see a flurry of over 300 runners take to the quiet cycle paths of Hertfordshire and hammer around a completely flat, out and back course.

Each race kicks off at 7.30pm with a start and finish 500 yards from Newham School. The races are well-lit, traffic free and there will be a varied standard of competitors.

What the organisers say:
"A friendly event, with a really fast course. A PB is certainly attainable."

What you say:
M: “Last year, these were my first ever-races. I was slow and finished in the last few people in each race. But was welcomed home to shouts of encouragement each time. I was hooked!” That's what we like to see.

What RW says:
"Enter all three events to qualify for a special discount."

Watch out for:
A tour of the local museum is well worth it.

Any extras?
Sainsbury’s have donated free refreshments for the evening. (Fingers crossed for soup).

How to enter:
Click here for November 19th:
Click here for December 3rd:
Click here for December 16th: