RW Previews: Stockport 10, December 14

Where and when?
Sunday, December 14, Stockport

What is it?
Since a new course was introduced two years ago, the Stockport 10 has grown and grown. It may lack scenary, but it's a slickly organised dash over a classic distance.

The race starts at the local Woodbank Stadium and after a brief dash around the park, heads out into the suburban areas of the city. There may not be a castle or a waterfall in sight, but with a testing course sapping the strength from your legs, who really cares?

The first few miles of this one-lap course are mainly flat with a few small undulating sections thrown in for good measure. However, once you reach the Hare and Hound pub after five miles you’ll encounter the first of two fairly short, but steep hills, before starting the loop back towards the finish.

With just over a mile still to race, the real test begins, with a half-mile long drag up to the finish. On its own, it's probably not too much of a worry, but after nine miles of racing it's sure to drain the last of the energy from your legs.

What the organiser says:
“This is a great event, but anyone who is expecting an easy course is in for a big surprise."

What RW says:
“A really well organised event, with a testing course and a large field.”

What you say:
Andrew Denton: “Enter! It's a great race and really friendly. It was my first time last year and I have entered again this year. The hill at the end is a challenge, but it's not impossible. Enjoy!” So you liked it then Andrew?

Paul Kenny: “I thoroughly enjoyed it and the T-shirts are excellent.”

Watch out for:
The chance to win a mountain bike in the post-race prize draw.

Any extras?
Spot prizes and T-shirts.

How to enter:
Click here: