RW’s Top 100 UK Races of the Year: 5-milers

  • The numbers in brackets are last year's position; the times are last year's men's and women's winning times
  • If we've been given an event's details, you'll find it in the Race Diary.

The Victory 5 wasn’t held in 2000 due to roadworks, but made a successful return in 2001. Last year’s winner, the Alsager 5, was a clear second. However, all the others in the top five are new.

1 Victory 5 23:18/26:31
Fast and flat Portsmouth event with excellent facilities
2002 date: December

2 Alsager Asics 5 (1) 23:31/26:44
Established, but fast-growing, rural event
2002 date: February 3

3 BUPA Ireland Run 23:14/26:25
Growing Irish rural road race with BUPA backing
2002 date: October

4 Victoria Park First Freight International 5 24:36/28:41
Flat, basic race around an East London park
2002 date: April

5 Sale Nike 5 24:57/27:27
Quick Manchester-based event
2002 date: May

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