RW’s Top 100 UK Races of the Year: Odd Distances

  • The numbers in brackets are last year's position; the times are last year's men's and women's winning times
  • If we've been given an event's details, you'll find it in the Race Diary.

Over non-standard distances, another London-Marathon-organised event topped the lists. That was the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge event at Battersea Park, which had to be held over two nights to accommodate the 20,000-plus runners. Three renowned, long-standing Northern events take the next three places, though Morpeth to Newcastle will move to a new date and a half-marathon distance for 2002.

1 JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge (1)
A huge 3.5-mile corporate race held in Battersea Park
2002 date: July

2 Morpeth to Newcastle 14 (4)
Britain’s oldest race is a point-to-point event over an unusual distance
Usual month: January

3 Blaydon Nike 5.7 (5)
A historic evening run from Newcastle to Blaydon
2002 date: June 9

4 Coniston 14 (2)
A picturesque run around a Cumbrian lake
2002 date: March 23

5 London to Brighton 55
One of the longest UK road races, but one of the smallest in number of competitors
2002 date: October 6

6 Kingston Breakfast Run (10)
A fast growing pre-London event around a course by the Thames
2002 date: March 23

7 St Valentines 30K
An unusual distance for this Stamford-based event, but a useful pre-London race
2002 date: February 10

8 Stafford 20
Long-standing 20-miler mixing town and Staffordshire countryside
2002 date: March 10

9 Hog’s Back 9 (8)
One of the South’s oldest races, with a tough hill along the way
2002 date: December

10 Mitcham 25K
Britain’s only 25K – a three-lapper – run for the 50th time
2002 date: 2001 saw the final running of this event

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