Your Personal Marathon Trainer!

Could this be the offer of a lifetime? For the price of a whizzy pair of shoes and a couple of pair of good socks, you can get individual Runner's World-approved schedules and personal coaching across the entire build-up to your spring marathon.

Magnificent! You don't even have to be fast...

  • Bespoke 16-week marathon training schedule (Including a week's recovery) designed specifically for you and your lifestyle; delivered in fortnightly blocks.
  • Weekly email interaction with your coach to discuss your training, evaluate your progress and fine-tune your programme
  • Two exclusive Runner’s World marathon days to meet and run with your coach, and talk over your training.
  • Crisis hotline number to discuss any major problems
  • Specialist recommendations for sports massage, physiotherapists or gait analysis

It costs just £125 and you can register online. Find out more about the RW Personal Trainer here.