30 Christmas gifts for runners under £30

So, you're buying a Christmas gift for your running relative/friend/partner, but all-singing, all-dancing GPS watches or new release running shoes are out of your budget. Not a problem - have a sift through our list of Christmas gifts for runners and you'll have those present problems sorted in no time!

1/ Odlo chunky knit hat

Keeping your head warm is the first step to snug winter running, so wrap up with this chunky knit hat from Odlo. On the outside, it’s a super soft knitted crochet complete with pom-pom, but inside the hat is a soft fleecy lining, which is super, comfortable and perfect for keeping your head warm and dry, whatever the weather.

£25, Odlo

2/ Seedlip Spice 94 non-alcoholic spirit

Don’t get us wrong, we love a drink as much as your average runner, but a hefty hangover does not a productive speedwork session make. Seedlip, a non-alcoholic spirit distilled with botanicals, makes the perfect grown-up alternative to alcohol and soft drinks. The Spice 94 edition features heady notes of clove, lemon, grapefruit and cardamom for a warming tipple.

£26.95 for 70cl, Amazon

3/ Nike Dri-Fit Tempo 260 Printed Gloves

These gloves are made from special sweat absorbing fabric, the Dri-FIT Technology will keep your hands dry and comfortable, so no more clammy (or cold) running hands. Tactically positioned mesh patches and panels make them super lightweight and breathable. They’re also touchscreen compatible so you can change your music (or take running selfies) while keeping your hands toasty. They also feature all over reflective graphics for enhanced visibility for when you want to run at night. All in all, pretty much everything you would want from a running glove.

£25, Nike

4/ Hey! Holla hair ties

If you have a running pal who has resorted to the office stationery cupboard for hair-tying equipment a few too many times, solve their ponytail problem with a pack of vibrant no-kink hair ties from Hey! Holla. Super cute and not an elastic band in sight.

£8, Hey! Holla

5/ Hotel Chocolat All Dark Collection

Good news – antioxidant-rich dark chocolate is something really worth making regular in a running diet. Treat the cocoa lover in your life to this decadent collection from Hotel Chocolat, featuring 70% dark chocolate Ginger Puddles, a Mini Hazelnut Buche, Fruit and Nut Slab, 70% Dark Slab, Dark Pocket Collection and 70% with Cocoa Nibs Nano Slab. Phwoar.

£25, Hotel Chocolat

6/ Tile Mate

Know a runner prone to losing things? This tiny Bluetooth tracker attaches to their keys, wallet, phone or anything else so they can locate any items that they lose on the run via an app on their phone.

£22.95, John Lewis

7/ M.Y Health anti-fungal nail varnish

Many runners are blighted by toenail fungus – an occupational hazard of cramming your feet into sweaty running shoes on a regular basis. This solvent-free, water-based polish allows nails to breathe and contains antifungal and antibacterial ingredients to fight the fungus. Hide dodgy toenails, look fabulous. What’s not to like?!

£12.97, myfoothealth.co.uk

8/ Ultimate Performance laces

Once these tough elastic bungee cords are in place, their proud owner will never again need to retie their shoes mid-race. They’re easy to use, too.

£5.99, Ultimate Performance

9/ Foot Rubz Foot Massager Ball Twin Pack

Ideally we all want someone to give us a foot massage, but when that’s not possible, this mini massage ball is a pretty good substitute. It’s the perfect gift for runners with achy feet or niggles like plantar fasciitis. The ball uses ancient Asian acupressure techniques it helps you relax and roll out those aches and pains. The secret to happy feet.

£18.99, Amazon

10/ 5 resistance band loops

This pack of 5 resistance bands are a great gift for someone who wants to add more strength training to their routine. Resistance bands are a great way of improving strength and preventing injuries – plus they can work the core and glutes without having to slog to the gym.

£7.99, Physio Room

11/ Wyldsson ProMix snack tubes

These Wyldsson snack tubes are the perfect present for the runner who likes to snack on the go (so every runner, basically), with a carefully balanced selection of chopped nuts with seeds, dried fruits and touch of Belgian chocolate. The sample box contains 10 of the most popular mixes - 45g of goodness in a tube.

£16.99, Wyldsson

12/ Milestone Pod

This is a no-nonsense, no-button tracking device that attaches to your shoe, from where it sends information such as training data and gait analysis to an app.

£19.99 (plus postage), MilestonePod

13/ Gamma head torch

For that runner who likes an ultra or a late night run, keep them safe with this Balanced 88 lumen head torch for night running. Complete with white, red and green LEDs, the headtorch even features a rear battery pack with a rear red caution light, meaning the runner can be seen from behind or in front. This water-resistant headtorch is so light and compact that you really can forget about it as you enjoy your evening runs with peace of mind on those dark country lanes.

£17, Alpkit

14/ Stance socks

Going for the classic Christmas gift of socks? It doesn’t get better than Stance. These socks are the perfect companion for any runner, with a super-breathable material, luxurious feeling cushioning (trust us, it’s glorious) and an engineered cuff so they won’t lose their grip.

£15, Runners Need (men’s, women’s)

15/ Graze sharing bags

These may be called sharing bags but we are not by any means saying you have to share them. The honeycomb crunch is a perfect mix of balance and indulgence- a whole bag of sultanas, almonds, Belgian milk chocolate-coated honeycomb pieces, while the Jaffa cake-inspired bag is a source of fibre, vitamins and minerals (oh, and chocolate buttons too!).

£2.99, Graze (honeycomb, Jaffa cake)

16/ BetterYou Vitamin D test

So, it’s not the sexiest of Christmas presents, but it’s definitely a useful one. Public Health England estimates that 10 million people in the UK may be deficient in vitamin D. But the only way to know if you are is via a blood test. BetterYou has teamed up with an NHS trust to offer a home test kit with super-speedy results.

£28, BetterYou

17/ Lisa Jackson: Your Pace or Mine?

A perfect gift for a runner, or someone who wants to get into running, this inspiring book by former fitness-phobe Lisa Jackson tells of how she came to marathon running for the first time at 31, running her first 56-mile ultramarathon aged 41. The thing about Lisa is that she’s not scared of coming last, unlike many runners. Her book is more about the people she met on the way than where she finished. This is a ideal for anyone who is keen to experience the amazing feeling of achievement and connection that running can give, whether you’re a total running beginner or a well seasoned marathoner.

£7.99, Amazon

18/ Women’s Health foam roller

We put our bodies through a lot, so when it comes to recovery it’s essential to give your body the TLC it deserves. Uncomfortable it may be, but foam rolling is an essential part of post-training recovery and injury prevention. This foam roller is a handy gift for any runner (especially the ones who complain about aches but never do anything about them).

£16.99, Argos

19/ SiS Endurance Hydration Bundle Pack

If your giftee is getting set to train for a spring marathon, get them off to a good start with this Science in Sport gel bundle pack. These isotonic gels deliver an easily digestible and quick supply of carbohydrate for energy during exercise, as well as boosting hydration. They come in a selection of 5 flavours so your runner will be spoilt for choice!

£28, Science in Sport

20/ Event Clips

Better than safety pins: these light, recycled plastic clips keep your race bib securely in place and won’t leave marks on your kit.

£2.99, eventclip.net

21/ Well-Earned Soak

Relax after a testing run with this bath soak containing lavender to ease aching joints, Epsom salts for sore muscles and essential oils to soothe tired minds.

£20 for 250g, clean-beauty-co.myshopify.com

22/ Run Fast Eat Slow

This cookbook from three-time US Olympian Shalane Flanagan and nutritionist Elyse Kopecky casts aside the misery of calorie counting to provide over 100 nutritious recipes for runners that don’t skimp on indulgence and flavour. A must-have for any keen running cook!

£17.99, Amazon

23/ Every Second Counts Happy Feet socks

Keep her feet fresh, dry and happy with a pair of these sweat-wicking socks from boutique activewear brand Every Second Counts. In three vibrant colours, these are ideal for running, cross-training or everyday wear.

£12, Every Second Counts

24/ Food, exercise, sleep journal

If you know someone training for a big race or just starting their fitness journey, this is the perfect present for them to help track their progress. The book has over 70 pages with logs for goals, daily food and exercise as well as progress and measurements. They’ll be able to piece together how each component contributes to their overall fitness and general sense of wellbeing, instead of thinking about one element in isolation.

£10, kikki. K

25/ Inner Me Soothe Me Magnesium Drink

Have a warm cup of this tasty, muscle-relaxing drink (in berry or lemon flavour) post-training or before bed to give your recovery a big boost.

£12 for 240g, innerme.co.uk

26/ Wunderbrow

We know not everyone wears make up when running, but on hectic days it may be a handy to fit in a training session, take a quick shower and turn up at the pub not looking like you’ve been dragged through a car wash. Wunderbrow is a one step product that uses permafix technology to shape your brows while keeping them looking really natural and lasting or days. The product is smudge proof and most importantly for runners, it’s also waterproof and sweatproof - perfect.

£19.95, Wunderbrow

27/ Tiger Tail Curveball

This is a domed massage tool made from high-density foam. Put it on a chair, the floor or against a wall, apply deep pressure and relieve those knots that develop in awkward places.

£24.99, Battlebox UK

28/ Below the Belt Grooming Fresh and Dry Balls

He religiously applies underarm antiperspirant pre-run, so why not extend that to the lads downstairs? This quick-absorbing, fragrance-free gel helps keep him comfortable and dry where it really counts. It leaves a slight dusting of talc to maintain cleanliness, so he’ll feel fresh from start to finish. We’re confident Fresh and Dry Balls will suit any running man right down to the ground (well, nearly).

£5.95, Below the Belt Grooming

29/ Lemon Sole spray

Add a spring to your step with this shoe spray. The mix of seven essential oils is antibacterial, deodorising and antifungal.

£6.95, lemon-sole.com

30/ The Runner’s Wall medal display

If your loved one’s hard-earned medals are confined to a dark drawer after each race, give them the glory they deserve with a Runner’s Wall medal display. Made from laser cut stainless steel, the displays offer a modern, tidy way to show off that race bling. With designs ranging from running and marathon-themed to triathlon or even custom styles, a Runner’s Wall display is the perfect running gift with a twist.

£13.99, The Runner’s Wall

Words by Georgia Scarr, Harriet Lewis, Kerry McCarthy, Sam Murphy, Beth Hughes and Katie Brown