The best Christmas gifts for runners, whatever your budget

best christmas gifts for runners

Whatever your budget, if you’re buying a Christmas present for a running-mad relative, friend or partner, we’ve got it covered. From the year’s best running shoes and the snazziest of GPS watches, to stocking fillers or secret Santa ideas, here’s the best Christmas gifts for runners:

The best Christmas gifts for runners under £10 –

Good secret Santa presents for the runner in the office, or stocking fillers for the runner in your life:

1. Dark Chocolate Buttons with Ginger, £6.00,

Best christmas gifts for runners - Hotel Chocolat Ginger 70% Dark Puddles

Because you can’t ever have enough chocolate at Christmas, right? These 70% dark chocolate buttons, with the addition of ginger, are actually great for runners as ginger has been found to help with circulation, digestion, immunity and muscle soreness.

2. Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring and Bracelet, £4.40,

best christmas gifts for runners - invisibobble hair ring


If the runner you’re buying for has long enough hair to be tied back, these hair rings are great for caring for hair, avoiding headaches and split ends. Plus, they keep a ponytail firmly in place, no matter how far they might be running.

3. Ultimate Performance Reflective Elastic Laces, £6.50,

Best christmas gifts for runners under £10

Once these tough elastic bungee cords are in place, their proud owner will never need to stop again to retie their shoes mid-run. They’re really easy to use too.

4. ResultSport Spiky Massage Balls, £7.28,


Designed to release tight and uncomfortable muscles, increase blood circulation and remove toxins post-run, these handy massage balls are compactable enough to fit in a gym bag.

5. Runderwear Unisex Running Headband with Zipped Pocket, £8,

best christmas gifts for runners under £10

Designed to protect the head and eats on those chilly winter runs, this headband has the extra addition of a zipped pocket for keys and a reflective strip to increase visibility in the dark – genius.

6. BetterYou Original Magnesium Flakes, £7.45,

Helping to relieve muscle tension, these magnesium flakes are ideal for a post-run bath, no matter how far they may have run. Plus, magnesium is a sleep aid too – winner.

7. Body Glide Anti Chafe, £10,


A must for every runner, this very practical anti-chafe balm forms an invisible barrier on the skin to prevent clothing rubbing.  

8. BetterYou Magnesium Oil Recovery Spray, £9.42,

best christmas gifts for runners under £10 - magnesium oil spray


Another stocking filler that we swear by all year round – magnesium oil. Proven to speed up post-exercise recovery, relax tense muscles and reduce muscle soreness, as a runner, it’s a handy thing to have on your bathroom shelf.

9. Stojo Collapsible Reusable Pocket Cup, £7.99,

best christmas gifts for runners under £10 - stojo

For runners who run-commute, this is a winner. Small enough to fit in the side pocket of a backpack and sturdy enough to not leak all over your shoes when filled with coffee.

10. SIS Variety Pack, £5.99,

Best christmas gifts for runners under £10 - sis variety pack

If your giftee is getting set to train for a spring marathon, get them off to a good start with this Science in Sport gel bundle pack. These isotonic gels deliver an easily digestible and quick supply of carbohydrate for energy during exercise, as well as boosting hydration. They come in a selection of 5 flavours so your runner will be spoilt for choice!

The best Christmas gifts for runners under £20 –

From the perfect present for the runner who loses everything, to the best running socks out there, here’s what to buy for your runner if your budget is less than £20:

11. Tile Mate, £19.99,

best christmas gifts for runners under £20 - tile

If you know a runner who is prone to losing their keys, phone or just about anything, this present was made for them. A tiny Bluetooth tracker that attaches to their keys, wallet, phone or anything else so they can easily locate the items they lose on their run via the app on their phone. Genius.

12. Stance running socks, £15.99,

best christmas gifts for runners under £20 - stance socks


Because for a runner, there really isn’t anything like a new pair of socks. Stance socks come in a number of bright patterns for both men and women. We’re a big fan.

13. Buff Dryflx Headband, £13.50,

best christmas gifts under £20- buff

This made it into our best running headbands guide because it’s reflective and stays put as you run. It’s also got UPF 50, so doubles up as a summer headband when things get warm.

14. Trigger Point Mini Foam Roller, £16.02,

best christmas gifts for runners under £20 - foam roller


Small enough for a  gym bag, suitcase if your runner frequently travels to a race abroad or just a work locker, this compact foam roller helps muscles recover with improved blood and oxygen flow.

15. Marathon Finisher Personalised Print, £19,

best christmas gifts for runners under £20 - print

A cute, thoughtful present for the runner in your life, these runner street map prints can be made for any race, name and time. Make it as colourful as you like, and with the option to add a frame, you can’t go wrong.

16. On Mid Socks, £18, 

Best Christmas gifts for runners under £20 - on socks

Comfortable, lightweight and breathable, we’re a big fan of these On Mid-Socks. Available in a number of different eye-catching colours, in both men’s and women’s sizes, they also come in a longer and shorter length, depending on your runner’s sock style.

17. Sweaty Betty Thermal Earwarmer, £15, 

best christmas gifts for runners under £20 - sweaty betty headband

There’s nothing worse than cold ears on those winter runs, so if you’re shopping for a female runner, this Sweaty Betty Thermal Earwarmer is a great choice. Made from a sweat-wicking fabric and with reflective details, this will keep your runner warm and safe all winter.

18. Anker PowerCore Ultra Compact Charger, £14.99,

Best christmas gifts for runners under £20 - anker powercore


If your runner is someone who’s always running on 2% phone battery, or is running for days on end, this is a good stocking filler. Small enough to fit in a running belt and powerful enough to charge a phone twice over, this is a handy, yet thoughtful present.

19. Inov-8 Softflask 0.5 Tube, £18.00,

best christmas gifts for runners under £20 - invo-8 flask

Whether your runner is taking on a parkrun or a spring marathon, this lightweight water pouch is good for the environment and super handy. The softflask is designed to hold water and gels, and can easily be compressed into a running belt when empty.

20. Ronhill Light Armband, £18.00, 

best christmas gifts for runners under £20 - ronhill armband light

Another handy gadget for those run commuters out there, this running armband is water-resistant, easily adjustable and has a battery life of up to 100 hours.

21. Loksak Aloksak Double Zip Waterproof Bag, £10.95,

best running gifts under £20 - Loksak

22. Clif Bar Box of 12, £13.95,

best christmas gifts for runners under £20 - CLIF bar

The original natural energy bar, Clif bars are packed with a health mix of whole grains, protein and fibre. Best eaten an hour or two before a run, or just as a great snack.

The best Christmas gifts for runners under £30 –

Looking to spend less than £30 on your runner’s Christmas present? We’ve got some great presents, that are bound to be a hit:

23. The Dark Chocolate Box Sleekster, £22.95,

best christmas gifts under £30 - hotel chocolat dark box

A high-cocoa, antioxidant-rich dark chocolate selection box that’s practically healthy right? Treat the running chocolate lover in your life with this collection from Hotel Chocolat, featuring a 70% Dark Cocoa Nib Nano Slab and a 70% Dark Fruit and Nut slab.

24. Runderwear Merino Women’s Briefs, £25,

best christmas gifts for runners under £30 - runderwear


Running underwear your runner can trust, these are moisture wicking, breathable and comfortable when you move. There’s also men’s boxer shorts and briefs.

25. The Pip and Nut Christmas Hamper, £30,

best christmas gifts for runners under £30 - pip and nut

Another staple in most runner’s diets, this nut butter hamper from Pip and Nut contains six of the brand’s most popular nut butter jars, including the Crunchy Maple Peanut Butter and the Coconut Almond Butter, plus a cookbook full of creative recipes.

26. Nike Therma-FIT running gloves, £22.95, 

best christmas gifts for runners under £30 - nike therma FIT

Reflective running gloves to keep runners seen on darker evenings, these feature a lightweight thermal fabric and a conductive thumb and forefinger, meaning you can still pause your run on your phone to take a selfie.

27. Ciele Athletics GoCap Standard, £30, 

best christmas gifts for runners under £30 - ciele cap

You can’t go wrong with a running hat, whatever time of year you’re buying. This Ciele GoCap is lightweight, reflective, machine washable and breathable, plus, it looks great.

28. Adidas Run Gloves, £24.96, 

best christmas gifts for runners under £30 - adidas gloves

Warm gloves made of stretch fleece, these will keep your runner going during their winter training. The breathable mesh on the palm prevents sweaty palms, and the reflective details give that extra safety element.

29. Ashmei Merino Gloves, £30, 

best christmas gifts for runners under £30 - ashemi merino gloves

Made from Merino, these gloves stop hands from becoming too sweaty mid run. With a sticky silicone grip on the fingers to allow your runner to use their smartphone easily, and made from an ultra-stretch Merino wool blend, we’re a big fan.

30. Unisex Apex Chute, £30, 

best christmas gifts for runners under £30 - icebreaker

A warm, double layer neck warmer that protects runners on those cold, wintery days, this unisex item regulates your runners body temperature, stays odor free and is soft and comfortable.

The best Christmas gifts for runners under £40 –

From water bottles that will keep your runners drinks hot (or cold) for hours on end, to the most comfortable shoes in the world, here’s our present ideas for runners under £40 –

31. S’Well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, £35,

best christmas gifts for runners under £40 - s'well bottle

A 500ml water bottle that is great for staying hydrated on the go, keeping water cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 and reducing the use of single-use plastic. Made from BPA-free stainless steel, this S’Well water bottle is bound to be a hit.

32. OOFOS Ooahh Slide Athletics Sandals, £40.00,

Best christmas gifts for runners under £40 - OOFOS Ooahh Slide Athletics sandals


These unisex recovery sandals are possibly the most comfortable shoes your runner will ever own. They may not be the most fashionable, but trust us, they are a staple of the Runner’s World team’s wardrobe. Absorbing 37% more shock than other materials, reducing stress on sore feet and lower back and helping aid recovery, these are a brilliant present (plus, are available on Amazon prime for those leaving their shopping to the last minute).

33. Lululemon Run Fast Gloves, £32.00, 

best christmas gifts for runners under £40 - lululemon run fast gloves

These versatile gloves are made with a clever fold-up hood to save hands from the cold. Made from Lululemon’s glyde softshell fabric, these gloves are water-resistant, wind-resistant and stretchy. They’re available in black and a soft pink colour, and there’s also a men’s equivalent online.

34. Ultra Light Down Vest, £39.90, 

best christmas running gifts under £40 - uniqlo

A thin, lightweight, yet super warm layer for runners, we love that this gilet can be packed away into a handy pouch. Great for winter running, or just wearing to and from a race, there’s also a men’s version of the jacket here. 

35. Maurten Drink Mix 160 Box, £37.00,

best christmas gifts for runners under £40 - maurten drink

If you’re buying for a serious runner, this is a great option. It’s the drink and gel brand everyone is talking about, with Kipchoge using it during his world record-breaking marathon in Berlin. This gift box contains the famous drink mix, plus a free water bottle, which we’re sure your runner will love using at all times.

36. OMM Ultra 8, £40,

best christmas gifts for runners under £40 - OMM ultra 8 backpack

A good choice if your runner is in need of a new backpack for running to and from work, this OMM bag gets our Runner’s World seal of approval. With a chest and waist strap, mesh side pockets and even a whistle, you can’t go wrong with this unisex bag.

37. Nike Essential Running Top, £34.95, 

best christmas gifts for runners under £40 - nike top

You can’t go wrong with this classic, long-sleeved running top by Nike. Featuring a mesh panel for ventilation, sweat-wicking fabrics to keep the wearer dry as they run and thumbholes, which add that extra layer of warmth. There’s also a men’s version available here.

38. 12 Month Runner’s World Subscription, £39.99, 

best christmas gifts for runners under £40 - RW subscription

We can’t think of a better present for a new runner, or someone who has just signed up for a Spring marathon. We might be biased, but the 12 month subscription includes a year’s worth of Runner’s World magazines, plus our marathon training guide.

39. CEP Merino Recovery Socks, £34.99,

best christmas gifts for runners under £40 - CEP recovery socks

Whilst the benefits of compression during a run have long been debated, it has been proven to have benefits when it comes to recovery. These CEP Merino Socks increase circulation, reducing muscle soreness and helping muscles recover faster.

The best Christmas gifts for runners over £40 –

If you’ve got the budget, these are the big ticket items every runner will thank you for:

40. Garmin Forerunner 35, £129.00,

best christmas gifts for runners over £50 - garmin forerunner 35


This watch is at the lower end of the Garmin range, but you still get highly accurate GPS, wrist-based heart rate, aerobic fitness tests and all the usual time, pace and distance metrics. If you’re after a different Garmin watch, take a look at our guide to getting a cheap Garmin GPS watch for Christmas. 

41. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35, £104.95,

best christmas gifts for runners over £50 - nike pegasus 35

Winning our best runner’s buy in our best running shoes for 2018 guide, you can’t go wrong with these trainers.  Your runner will be thrilled, and will be getting outstanding value for money with this neutral, well cushioned shoe. Available in a number of colours in both women’s and men’s sizes. 

42. Adidas Solar Boost running shoe, £139.95,

best christmas gifts for runners over £50 - adidas solarboost

Another popular shoe in this year’s releases, the Adidas Solar Boost is a great choice for any runner who has signed up to a spring marathon. Designed for long distances, the versatile shoe is comfortable, with supportive cushioning. Available in a number of different colourways for both men and women

43. GoPro HERO7 Black Camcorder, £379.99,

best christmas gifts for runners over £50 - GoPro Hero7

An extravagant gift for the runner in your life, GoPro’s latest Hero7 action camera is built for running adventures. With hyper-smooth video stabilisation, the camera is waterproof, and when connected to the GoPro app, your runner can live stream, tag GPS location and share their run in an instant.

44. Lyle and Scott Brandon Running Gilet, £90.00,

best christmas gifts for runners over £50 - lyle and scott

This fashion brand has now launched its first running collection and this gilet is one of our top picks. Designed to protect runners from the elements, the gilet allows your runner to move, which staying seen in the dark thanks to the reflective panels.

45. Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller Plus, £114.99,

best christmas gifts for runners over £50 - pulseroll

A new, improved, vibrating foam roller, this longer, bigger foam roller is even stronger than the original. Designed to help runners recover, reduce next day soreness, flush away lactic acid and increase blood flow, the foam roller has four vibration speed settings and is available in two different colours.

46. Nike Shield Ghost Flash, £104.95, 

best christmas gifts for runners over £50 - nike shield ghost flash

A weather-resistant men’s running jacket, we’re a big fan of this print. Features include an all-over reflective details to help your runner stay seen in the dark, a breathable design and a zipped pocket big enough for keys, cards and a phone.

47. On Long-T, £70, 

best christmas gifts for runners over £50 - on long-t

A long sleeved running t-shirt from On, designed to be comfortable. It’s lightweight, made from a soft fabric that dries quickly and is still breathable – something every runner will agree is important.

48. Lululemon Pack It Up Jacket, £78.00, 

best christmas gifts for runners over £50 - lululemon

Another present every runner will thank you for, this Lululemon packable jacket can be rolled into itself for easy storage when the rain stops. Treated to keep your runner dry and bright and fashionable enough to be worn all the time, we’re sure this will soon become a firm favourite. Not sure, take a look at our guide to the best women’s rain jackets here. 

49. Powerbeats3 Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Sport Headphones, £149.95, 

best christmas gifts for runners over £50 - beats

The third generation of Beats’ wireless sport earphones, these are comfortable and have a battery life of 12 hours from one charge, to keep you going no matter how far you’re running. The best part? Just five minutes of charging time generates enough power for an hour’s workout.  

50. Strava Summit membership for a year, £47.99,

best christmas gifts for runners - strava summit

This year Strava rebranded their premium membership, launching Strava Summit - which has three different training packs to enhance training, post run-analysis and safety for every kind of runner. A year long membership, which includes access to deals on gear, your runner doesn't need to have a Strava account already to be able to use this gift. 

51. Bang and Olufsen E6 Heaphones, £269,

Bang and Olufsen E6 headphones

Wireless headphones that will stay put as you move, these sound and look great. Sweat and dust resistant, they're built to last a marathon and have up to 5 hours worth of playtime. On test, they fit comfortably, plus we're a big fan of the magnet power-off design, which allows your runner to pop the ear buds together and power off if they've paused mid-run, saving the battery life. They might be one of the more expensive gifts on the list, but they're worth it. 

52. Apple Watch Series 4, £399,

best Christmas gifts for runners - apple watch series 4

The ultimate Christmas gift for runners, the Apple Watch Series 4 has a number of updates for runners, including cadence for indoor and outdoor runs, pace alerts for outdoor runs, and rolling mile pace, which shows your pace for the preceding mile. That combines with the best feature for runners, which is extended battery life for your outdoor workouts when using GPS, which is now boosted to six hours (perfect if you runner has signed up to a marathon).