Summer running gear essentials for men

Iffley Road Lancaster vest

Fans of retro kit will love this vest, with its baggy cut and large arm holes. The polyester and cotton mix is a little heavy but it dries quickly.

£53, Iffley Road

Photo by Beth Crouchfield

Castore Hoddle t-shirt

This is a close-fitting top so go up one size. It’s astonishingly comfortable and moves effortlessly with your body on the run.

£85, Castore

Photo by Beth Crouchfield

Airofin Prime t-shirt

This will suit those who want the basics – such as wicking, breathability and durability – done well.

£24.99, Airofin

Photo by Beth Crouchfield

Saucony Endorphin singlet

If it weren’t for the flashy colours you might well forget you’re wearing this vest, such is the gossamer touch of the polyester fabric; it’s slim-fitting, too.

£28, Up and Running

Photo by Beth Crouchfield

Tribesports Engineered t-shirt

A beautifully designed piece of kit: seams have been kept to a minimum the top moves brilliantly with your body and it’s extremely breathable.

£55, Tribesports

Photo by Beth Crouchfield

Odlo Ceramicool seamless baselayer shirt

This is made for runs on hot days: the weave contains ceramic microparticles that conduct heat; it’s also light and extremely comfortable.

£40, Odlo

Photo by Beth Crouchfield

Nike Breathe running top

The most impressive feature of this top is ventilation and cooling it offers even during hot, hard sessions: the weave, while durable, is punctuated all over with thousands of lasercut holes.

£40, Nike

Photo by Beth Crouchfield

Craft Mind singlet

A classic singlet in modern form, the Craft Mind running vest is perfect for those looking for a lightweight, no-fuss technical top. Even on very hot days, the vest coped with some long sweaty runs with ease. Just remember the sunscreen to avoid those tan lines.


dhb short sleeve stripe run top

On the cheaper side of things but still boasting tech features like polygiene (stops your top from smelling really bad), the aesthetic of this dhb top with it's strips makes it a better looking offering then some of its more costly counterparts. The shape and cut is pretty standard; not one for race day but a decent training top.


Saucony Endorphin split short

Club runners, old-schoolers and slender speed demons, your ship has come in. Saucony is still the king when it comes to producing traditional-style racing shorts. These have a big side split for ease of movement; a lightweight, breathable construction; ventilation panels; a super-soft inner lining – and not much each.

£34, Up and Running

Photo by Beth Crouchfield

Ronhill Momentum Twin 5” shorts

These are made with a very stretchy, durable, and quick-drying outer fabric while the inner briefs are made from bamboo which, as well as being environmentally friendly, is naturally antibacterial. The elasticated waistband is designed not to snap no matter how hard you yank on the strings and there’s a very roomy zip pocket on the rear.

£38, Ronhill

Photo by Beth Crouchfield

Falke Short Tights Light

There’s isn’t a place to store a phone, gels or anything else bulky in these tight, minimalist shorts (there’s a small pocket for one key) – but if you’re at the level where reducing drag is a factor, then these soft, stretchy, fast-drying shorts will be just the job. They don’t leave much to the imagination, mind.

£59, Falke

Photo by Beth Crouchfield

2XU X-Vent 5” 2-in-1 shorts

The internal briefs in these are compression shorts, designed to provide support and promote quicker blood flow to your upper thighs and glutes. The outer shorts don’t ride up or cling to your legs and also contain an antimicrobial treatment so they won’t stink even after repeated wearing.

£55, 2XU

Photo by Beth Crouchfield

Mizuno Venture Square 5.5

Take heart, you lovers of old-school shiny-fabric running kit: your needs can still be servd. If you’re after a breathable fabric go elsewhere, but these are durable, rip-resistant, fast-drying and come with a standard-to-baggy cut with generous leg holes – handy if you have muscular thighs.

£37.90, Amazon

Photo by Beth Crouchfield

Odlo Kanon running shorts

The integrated tights on these shorts have just the right amount of compression – enough to protect and support but without being too constrictive. The outer shorts are soft, light and have a generous inseam and a slightly baggy cut, so these are a good option if you’re body-conscious.

£45, Odlo

Photo by Beth Crouchfield

Inov-8 5” trail shorts

You’re getting a lot of bang for your buck with these tough shorts. There’s an anti-odour inner brief, three elasticated pockets across the rear waistband for small snacks and other bits and pieces, reflective detailing for low-light running and a breathable material that dries out in next to no time.

£40, Inov-8

Photo by Beth Crouchfield