30 Christmas presents for runners under £30

1/ Runderwear anti-blister socks

£12, Runderwear

Underwear masters Runderwear have moved beyond pants to bring these anti-blister socks to the running community. Their double-layer fabric prevents rubbing against your skin, and breathable materials mean feet don’t overheat. They’re incredibly cushioned, too. Lovely!

2/ FreeSoul steel shaker

£12, FreeSoul

For those who like to refuel with a protein shake or smoothie, this shaker is a must – its steel casing means it doesn’t cling onto odours, plus its leak-proof silicone lid with built-in filter gives you a smooth drink that doesn’t make its way to the inside of your gym bag.

3/ RockBalls twin pack

£13.50, Runner's Need

This duo of a spiky and a smooth massage ball is the ultimate addition to your self-myofascial release arsenal. Use them to pinpoint trigger points and hard to reach spots, then revel in running with more mobile limbs.

4/ Dock and Bay quick dry towel

£14.99, Dock and Bay

You may recognise this brand from Dragon’s Den a few months back. Their super-absorbent suede microfibre towels are a must-have gym bag addition for runners on the go. Choose from 21 vibrant styles – you’ll never be drier quicker!

5/ Aerobie AeroPress coffee maker

£26.95, Barista Kit

Know a runner who can’t live without their pre-training brew? Treat them to an AeroPress – air pressure pushes the brew through a micro-filter for 20 seconds, eliminating bitterness and squeezing out all the richness of flavour.

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6/ Flipbelt

£25, Flipbelt

Leave bulky bumbags in the past and get kitted out with a Flipbelt. These unisex belts have a tubular design that fits snugly around your hips, holding in all your essentials (keys, phone, gels, etc) with high quality moisture-wicking fabric totally bounce-free.

7/ Women’s Health gym ball

£12.99, Argos

This 65cm Swiss ball makes for a handy piece of home gym equipment, and can be used for core work, hamstring curls and single leg training. Alternatively, plonk yourself on it while you watch TV and make some core stability gains in front of Corrie.

8/ Beet It Nitrate 400 (15 x 70ml)

£26.25, Wiggle

For the extra committed runner, give the gift of nitrates this Christmas with a multipack of Beet It concentrated beetroot juice shots. Each 70ml serving packs 400mg of dietary nitrates, linked to improved endurance performance and blood flow.

9/ Westlab Muscle Relief salts (1kg)

£7.99, Westlab

Upgrade your post-run soak with Westlab’s muscle relief salts – Epsom salt infused with arnica, spearmint and eucalyptus. The mineral-rich salts soothe sore muscles and will help you switch off after a tough training session.

10/ Hotel Chocolat large chocolate wreath

£22, Hotel Chocolat

For those who fancy something more swish than a selection box, Hotel Chocolat’s dark chocolate wreath is the ultimate Christmas treat. Made with 75% dark chocolate, the wreath is studded with raisins, apricots, hazelnuts and almonds. Phwoar. It’s vegan-friendly too.

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11/ Saucony Ultimate Touch-Tech glove

£16, Saucony

Stay snug on the run with these sleek gloves by Saucony. Their conductive thumbs and index fingers also mean that you can use your smartphone without having to whip them off, plus they have fleece layering for a soft wipe on that inevitable winter runny nose.

12/ Men’s Health foam roller

£19.99, Argos

The foam roller is every runner’s best friend/worst enemy, but getting a decent one can cost a pretty penny. Fortunately, Men’s Health have your self-massage needs covered with this firm, textured roller – ideal for use before and after your runs.

13/ Nike ventilated running armband

£19.95, Nike

This running armband features a clear window so you can still use your phone’s touchscreen on the go. Its reflective details also help you stand out on dark runs, plus it’s made from breathable material to keep your arm comfortable underneath.

14/ Pip and Nut 4-jar sample pack

£14, Pip and Nut

A runner’s love for nut butter is a powerful thing, so why not treat them to a four-pack of brand new flavours from Pip and Nut? This package contains crunchy peanut butter, honey almond butter, crunchy almond butter and chocolate coconut hazelnut butter. Glorious.

15/ Medal display board

£26.99, Trophies and Medals

If you know a runner whose medal collection is balanced precariously on a doorknob, this is the answer to their storage woes. This smart display case can be used to present medals with pride – and at 34cm x 46cm big, it’s got plenty of space for their favourites.

16/ Enertor Performance insoles

£29.99, Enertor

Enertor’s Performance insoles claim to give up to 36% energy return for every step. Whether you buy into that or not, they’re exceptionally comfy and add lightweight cushioning to any running shoe.

17/ DHB Slice rucksack

£23.99, Wiggle

This compact backpack has room for all your daily essentials plus a change of clothes – perfect for a run commute. Its high-vis detailing is ideal for dark nights, plus its double straps make it adjustable for the perfect fit.

18/ BodyGlide

£11.95, Wiggle

Give the gift of chafe-free running this Christmas, with a substantial tube of BodyGlide. This non-oily skin protection balm helps prevent irritation when applied to problem areas such as inner thighs and nipples. What more could a runner want?

19/ The Runner’s World Cookbook

£18.99, Amazon

Expand that runner-friendly recipe repertoire with this fantastic cookbook (not that we’re biased or anything). With 150 recipes suitable for meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free eaters, this is a must-have for any runner looking to up their nutrition.

20/ Nakd bar celebration box

£13.99, Natural Balance Foods

This celebration box packs in 18 Nakd treats – from their classic fruit and nut bars to raisins and oat snacks. They’re ideal pre-run energy boosters, and the Apple Danish and Pecan Pie flavours are decidedly festive-tasting.

21/ Race bib and finish time mug

£9.95, Etsy

Commemorate that big race and PB with this personalised mug from Etsy shop RunShack. Simply scan in or upload a photo of the race bib and time, and they’ll create the mug. Perfect for exercising those well-earned bragging rights.

22/ JBL Inspire 300 earphones

£24.99, JBL

These sport-specific earphones have all the features you need for running – sweat-proof, non-slip, in-line control – without the big budget price that comes with many audio products. In black or black and red, these simple earphones are ideal for fuss-free music on the go.

23/ 6-piece Teapigs Christmas tea collection

£17.99, Teapigs

Warm up after cold winter runs with these delightfully festive teas – you’ll get six packs of 15 teabags, with flavours including apple and cinnamon, chocolate flake and spiced winter rooibos. Better than a builder’s? We’d say so.

24/ 2XU 24/7 Compression Socks

£30, 2XU (men's, women's)

Compression gear may make those legs feel fresher, but the garish colours it often comes in aren’t ideal for a corporate setting. 2XU’s 24/7 socks are plain black and knee length, making them a seamless fit with any workwear.

25/ Yoga Design Lab yoga strap

£15, Yoga Design Lab

Yogi or not, this slip-resistant yoga strap is a great accessory for post-run stretching. Loop it over your foot while lying down and raise that leg for a brilliant hamstring stretch, or take it to a class and work on that mobility!

26/ Odlo Fast and Light cap

£18, Odlo

It looks simple, but that’s the beauty of it – this cap is highly breathable and adjustable to suit different head sizes, and comes in stylish grey and white colourways. Classic, comfortable and a running wardrobe essential.

27/ Carnation Footcare shoe deodoriser

£5.83, First Aid Fast

Made with bamboo charcoal, these pouches are made to be popped inside less-than-fresh running shoes overnight and absorb unpleasant odours. They can even be ‘recharged’ by being put in sunlight for 2 hours a month. So fresh and so clean!

28/ High5 Zero hydration tabs

£6.99, Wiggle

These electrolyte drink tabs make a brilliant stocking filler for runners. They contain all the minerals needed to help rehydrate after a big session and come in fruity flavours such as citrus, berry and cherry-orange. Pro tip: they’re good for hangovers too.

29/ Original Buff

£16, Buffwear

Bulky scarves won’t do on the run, so these buffs are the answer to cold necks and faces. Made from technical, sweat-wicking material and coming in a huge range of designs, there’s a buff to suit every runner here!

30/ Kikki.K Goals journal

£21, Kikki.K

Not everyone is into training spreadsheets or online tracking. For those who prefer to put pen to paper when it comes to their running diary, this Goals journal by Kikki.K is a smart present.

Plus: Runner’s World subscription!

£29.99 for 1 year, Hearst Magazines

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