Gear Pick: Incredisocks

Lucy says: With a name like Incredisocks, it’s fair to say that expectations are high.

Reportedly, Incredisocks gives your feet a healthier skin tone. As much as I don’t care about the skin tone of my feet, the science behind this is fascinating. 

By increasing your circulation they have been shown to improve blood flow allowing more oxygen to reach skin tissues, which reduces inflammation and reduces pain.

After an hour's run, the first thing I want to do is get out of my sweaty clothes, the last thing I want to do is take off these socks.

With a thread count higher than my sheets at home (200), they offer ‘extreme comfort’ with incredible cushioning. And while the rest of my clothes are sweaty, they ensure your feet remain dry by regulating their temperature.

They also claim to have a natural anti-microbial which kills odour-producing bacteria. There's only one way to test this: quickly, avoiding anyone in the office catching me, I smell my sock… slightly musty, but certainly not smelly.

To whoever named these socks, fair play, they deserve their name.

Find out more or buy Incredisocks from Incrediwear.