Gear Pick of the Week: Camelbak Delaney Race Hydration Waist Pack

Camelback Delaney Race Hydration Waist Pack (£25)

Kerry says: Stay hydrated during your summer training runs and races with this hydration waist pack.

The Camelbak Delaney Race Hydration Waist Pack is ideal for just about any distance. Its 24oz bottle won't weigh you down when running shorter distances and can be refilled if you're running long.

Two 5oz gel holders mean you can take your favourite fuel and skip crowded fuel stations during races. 

With room for keys, money or even an energy bar, this pack will keep you stocked even during longer runs and races.

Dual adjustment ensures a perfect fit while the breathable perforated foam and mesh material minimizes movement.

Plus, feel confident running day or night with reflective components on the front and back of this quality piece of kit.