Gear Pick of the Week: Hilly Twin Skin Unisex Socklet

Hilly Twin Skin Unisex Socklet (£10.25)

Kerry says: Don't let blisters get in the way of your next PB. As frustrating as they are common, blisters can be painful enough to impede even the most focused of runners.

Caused by a combination of friction and moisture, it's no surprise that blisters are one of the most common running injuries. Before you ditch your trainers in despair, invest in a pair of these genius socks.

The double-layer construction means that the friction is between the two layers rather than the sock and your foot. They also effectively wick away moisture and their antimicrobial material keeps bacterial growth at bay. An arch grip means movement is minimised and friction eliminated in that blister hotspot.

The short design means they'll peek out from your running shoes without covering the whole ankle - check out the Hilly Twin Skin Anklet if you're looking for a higher cut.