Gear Pick of the Week: OMM Classic 25 backpack

Introducing our new weekly gear blog, packed with RW Gear Editor Kerry McCarthy's favourite running kit. We'll be updating the blog every Friday.

OMM Classic 25 (£60)

Kerry says: Although this multi-purpose pack is suitable for trekkers, skiiers and nordic walkers, it's also perfectly suited to runners. The 25 litre capacity means you can fit a full change of clothing plus your lunch or a couple of files in it - perfect for runners commuting to work on the run.

It has a lightweight skeletal spine which moulds to the shape of your back meaning it won't shift around awkwardly at high speeds, mesh and zip pockets abound on the outside, thick waist straps sit comfortably on your hips, and it comes with a spongy mat insert which can be extracted to use as an impromptu sleeping or sitting mat.

It's versatile, extremely tough and durable, lightweight and capacious. Job done.