Gear Pick of the Week: SPI Belt - Reflective

SPI Belt - Reflective (£26.00)

Kerry says: Need to carry your bits and pieces on the run but loathe the idea of toting a bum bag? This small elasticated waist-mounted belt could be the answer. It's small and discreet (depending on what you keep in it you can wear it under your kit without anybody seeing - easing security worries) and the elasticated pouch expands to accommmodate whatever you put in it. It will take a smartphone or MP3 player, keys, coins or up to five carb gels. The belt section is adjustable, the pack has minimal bounce when you're running, and the reflective material means it glows bright in the dark when light hits it - so it can add to your high viz look. Fits waists of 24 - 40+ inches.