Gear Pick of the Week: Tune Belt iPod Open View Armband Carrier

Tune Belt iPod Open View Armband Carrier (£17)

Kerry says: Whether you have a first generation iPod or a brand new iPod touch, this armband will tote them all. The clear cover will protect your player while allowing you to click buttons or even operate touch screen functions on the run.

Tired of your headphone cord bouncing around throughout your run? The Tune Belt carrier's Velcro flap takes care of that, securing your cord and preventing it getting tangled.

Designed with runners in mind, your iPod will also fit upside down so you can view it right side up mid-run. The mini-ear bud also cleverly doubles as a place to stash cash or your house key.

Soft, easy to clean neoprene material keeps the carrier secure on the arm without being restrictive. The adjustable armband means this carrier is ideal for both male and female runners.