Gear Pick: Ommf! Bench Pressed Oats

Annie says: Oomf have come up with the answer to power breakfast on-the-go. These new instant porridge pots combine oats with whey protein for an energy boosting punch, ready in a matter of seconds.

Simply add hot water, stir and allow to stand for 60 seconds and breakfast is ready; pretty handy for those rushed mornings when the lure of a buttery pastry is a bit too tempting. The pots contain all-natural ingredients with no added sugar and are available in three simple flavours: apple, sultana and cinnamon and banana and gingerbread. The 20g protein contained in each serving equates to that in three large eggs.

Getting enough protein is essential for runners and can prove tricky to manage, so this is a good way to get a serving in first thing. Benefits include: muscles growth and recovery, immune system-boosting amino acids and performance gains. Plus it'll help to beat hunger cravings throughout the day.

So what did we make of this super porridge? They certainly weren’t kidding about the instant part, these proved very simple to make and were ready to eat in seconds. They thickened up nicely and, despite adding only water, were very creamy. The texture is slightly denser than that of normal porridge and the whey adds sweetness, so no honey was necessary. I felt pretty full-up after a pot and set off for a tough training run an hour later. Seven miles with hill repeats later and I still felt strong and energised and noted a distinct absence of my usual post-run fatigue.