Gear Pick: Revolution Running Softshell Jacket

Lucy says: My biggest mistake as a runner has to be layering up my existing gear rather than buying a proper winter running jacket.  

So I was very excited about Revolution Running’s Softshell jacket, £60, arriving in the office to try.

Unwrapping the jacket was like Christmas in November. This is one good-looking jacket. The monochrome design is modern and fashionable, and there's a white contrast panel on the side with two concealed pockets. The Revolution branding on the sleeves
 makes the jacket look very luxurious, definitely outshining my fleece.

The weather outside was grey and hideously windy, featuring the kind of drizzle which doesn't justify an umbrella but somehow gets you soaked. Perfect, what a great opportunity to push this jacket to its limits.

After running for about 20 minutes the jacket was proving to be windproof, warm, and waterproof, and I was running along with a smile on my face.

Sadly, after 45 minutes it didn’t seem to respond very well to the fact I was sweating. Although it has a netting layer inside it didn’t seem to have an effective ventilation system and I started feeling cold.

For anyone looking for a light, stylish jacket for everyday use, this jacket definitely fits the bill.