Gear Pick: Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller

Annie says: In recent times the foam roller has been hailed as the holy grail of runner injury cure and prevention, it has certainly saved many from sizable bills from their sports masseuse or physio. But sometimes the standard foam rollers just can’t reach those tight spots in the way you need them to.

The grid roller allows for a more targeted approach into the really stubborn knots of muscles. It’s designed to mimic the act of a masseuses’ fingers. The varying sized zones act like different parts of the hand, therefore recreating the effect of different types of massage to release tight and sore muscles based on their needs.

Foam rolling is a great way to look after your muscles and aid recovery; this can be used for both pre – and post – workout massage to fit in with your conditioning program.

The Trigger Point Grid foam roller is durable, so won’t lose its shape or break down as some foam rollers do. It is definitely worth the investment and your body will thank you for a bit of TLC in the long run – we promise.

The Trigger Point Grid foam roller costs £40.