Review: OTE Sports

OTE is the latest nutrition brand to hit the shelves and we were keen to sample the goods. OTE has launched with three products: the before, during and after sport essentials include:  

  • pH neutral energy drinks
  • Carbohydrate energy and caffeine energy gels
  • Soya and whey protein recovery drink

The concept is simple; focus is on straightforward nutrition and finding the balance between taste and science – not an easy feat.

The most striking superficial difference between OTE and some other nutrition products on the market is an external one. On the front of each packet are very clear guidelines on what the product does, for example the energy drink states it is designed to help you hydrate, fuel and perform and will provide 45-60 minutes of energy. Then on the back of each packet is a very clear nutritional breakdown plus some user instructions and a ‘top tip’ on consumption. Although basic things, this approach is very refreshing and worth bearing in mind for those of you frustrated trying to decipher relevant information from cluttered packaging. 

The next USP also comes down to packaging and is the double opening system of each packet designed for ease in pouring and consuming for either large or small-necked bottle. This subtle addition to the packet make them ultra user-friendly.

OTE have certainly made an impression on us, watch this space for reviews of each.