Asics Gel MC Plus £74.99

Weight 437g
Evaluation Asics isn’t reinventing its workhorse shoe, because the super-sturdy MC Plus didn’t need major work – just some tweaking. But three new features do improve the stability of the MC Plus: Asics has created a more useful centre-of-pressure design in the rearfoot (making the heelstrike softer), the forefoot is broader, and an external rearfoot collar (similar to the Kayano’s) has been added.
As with the Kayano, Asics is using its SpEVA material in the entire MC Plus midsole. SpEVA is more resilient, which makes it more durable, if firmer. It’s better for larger runners who need all the cushioning they can get for as long as possible, but it does come at a cost: this MC Plus weighs over 20g more than its predecessor, making it one of the heftiest shoes on the market.
In short The new MC Plus is built for big runners who overpronate. It’s heavier than its predecessor, but it’s also more durable and supportive.
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