Avia 2069 £59.99

Weight 333g
Evaluation Avia built its reputation in the USA on reasonably-priced stability shoes, but its cushioning shoes have been good as well. The 2069 is the latest. It follows the standard cushioning formula (blown-rubber forefoot, single-density midsole), to which Avia has added a midfoot support device and a Dual Cantilever cartridge in the rearfoot. This creates a large centre-of-pressure ‘sweet spot’ in the rearfoot landing area. If you’re a fan of soft cushioning, the 2069 should go on your test list. The heelstrike verges on the pillowy, and the forefoot is plush, too. The really good news is that Avia’s cantilever design in the rearfoot means that the rearfoot is relatively stable, despite its softness. Still, it definitely doesn’t make the 2069 a shoe for overpronators (they’d need Avia’s 2079, at £70). Wear-testers reported a flexible ride with a particularly smooth heel-to-toe transition. Women runners in particular seem to be drawn to the Avia brand, and should find the 2069 to their liking.
In short If you like soft cushioning and have no biomechanical problems, the 2069 is a promising, well-priced choice.
Try it if you liked Etonic Eagle (£50); Avia 2076 (£50); Saucony GRID Jazz (£60)