Avia ECS-Teem £80

Weight 402g
Evaluation ECS – the Ecto Cantilever System – is Avia’s take on the ‘mechanical midsole’ – Nike’s Shox and Adidas A3 were the first shoes to utilise this concept, but while Nike and Adidas use the pillars to provide cushioning, Avia uses them to hold the two ECS plates in place. The upper plate cradles the heel to aid stability and cushioning, while the bottom one helps absorb shock.
The Teem is Avia’s stability model, and as such has a second density in the EVA midsole and a firmer density polyurethane in the medial pillars. The shoes are undeniably stable – helped by the way the heel is cradled by the harder foam and the pillars. However, weartesters commented that the shoe felt very firm indeed, with too hard a heelstrike – though heavier runners found this less of a problem.
In short Avia’s technology seems to work – the Teem is certainly stable. It’s let down by a harsh ride, and it’s heavier than its cushioning counterpart, but heavier runners might like the firmer feel of the shoe.
Try it on if you liked Avia 2079 (£70)