Etonic Delta £70

Weight 330g
Evaluation The Delta is Etonic's 'lightweight' cushioning model. That doesn't mean it's a performance trainer, though, as it weighs in closer to traditional cushioning models like the Nike Air Pegasus. And if you take the Delta as a cushioning model for light to mediumweight runners, it actually does pretty well.
Despite its lighter weight and lower profile midsole, the Delta actually feels the plushest of Etonic's new shoes, offering a soft, smooth ride. In common with the two Streetfighters, the Delta has a broad last which makes it naturally stable. It also has a small medial post, although this is located further forward - in the midfoot - rather than the more usual rearfoot. This means that the Delta isn't a shoe for anyone other than a mild overpronator.
In short A surprising shoe from Etonic. Plush and responsive, it's an Etonic that lighter neutral runners can enjoy as an everyday shoe, or bigger guys could pull on for quicker running.
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