Fila FGT 340 £69.99

Weight 369g
Evaluation Fila’s two new FGT shoes employ the extremely successful forefoot technology from the company’s racing shoe, in an everyday training context. The result is a smooth, lively forefoot feel.
There are two FGT shoes; the FGT 340 is the stability version. Their secret is a thin carbon-kevlar plate which is bonded to the midsole and extends through the forefoot and midfoot. It’s very strong and very springy, and it feels great, especially when you’re running briskly.
The rest of the shoe is more average, in all honesty. There were no complaints about the rearfoot cushioning (it uses the same 2A heel unit as the well-received Rejuvenate, though it feels firmer). However, the transition through the midfoot could have been smoother. The narrow-fitting upper should be better, too. Fila tell us that the final production upper will be less bulky than the one we tested, which is one complaint out of the way, but it also needs more support in the midfoot and rearfoot if it’s to do justice to the stable midsole.
The overlays are arranged horizontally, which seems to encourage the upper to bulge easily on the medial side.
In short The FGT 340 has an excellent forefoot in an otherwise average stability shoe. The unfortunate news for Fila is that there are other better-balanced shoes at this price.
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