Fila FGT300/FGT Light £60

Weight 280g/273g
Evaluation Fila already has a very good 300g performance trainer in the shape of the Flow – now it’s adding two more models to the category.
While the Flow is built for responsiveness, the two FGTs are built for cushioning, with much thicker, softer midsoles (the 300 has a medial post for added stability. They’re also made with a flare on the medial side of the forefoot, for a more stable toe-off, though this does add to the bulk of the shoe. Weartesters were divided. Our lightest weartesters found them too stiff and bulky, despite an impressively light weight that will lend them to speed sessions and longer races for more midweight runners.
In short The FGT300 and FGT Light are like performance cars with slightly woolly, comfort-oriented suspension. If you love the feeling of power as you push off from the ground in speedwork, these aren’t for you. If you simply want the feel of a training shoe, with less weight to pick up, give them a try.
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