Fila FGT340 / FGT320 £70/£65

Weight 344g/319g
Evaluation Fila’s everyday shoes have tended to be curate’s eggs, with a lovely forefoot feel, but little else to recommend them. The 320 and 340 could come from any serious brand (the 340 is a stability version, with a medial post and a slightly reinforced upper). They still have the smooth forefoot ride, with Fila’s carbon-fibre flex plate, but a softer midsole means the ride feels even and protective from the moment of heel-strike. Fila has also been happy to ditch its 3A cushioning pods in favour of a new, very soft gel that extends right across the heel-strike area.
The two shoes have a more universal fit than before, too; roomier in the forefoot. The FGT340 has a tongue that’s stitched in on one side, which is comfortable and more than a gimmick; the 320 has an elasticated one-piece tongue, which is more a matter of personal taste. The softer midsoles make the shoes a little slower than their predecessors, but both models are light.
In short Increased softness and protection make the FGT340 and 320 the best-balanced shoes Fila has made yet, and ones that are worth seeking out if the big-brand alternatives don’t hit the spot for you
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