Fila Flow £54.99

Weight 304g
Evaluation This shoe’s predecessor, the Aeroflow, singularly failed to make an impression on us last year. While the shoe was good and light, our test samples were firm, and the upper was badly fitting and – to put it charitably – quite hideous.
We like this version a lot more. Its looks still might not be to everyone’s taste, but the upper fits a lot better, especially in the more rounded forefoot, and the ride is smoother. Fila has also augmented the big midfoot stability shank with a small medial post, though as for most shoes of this weight, any stability features are just a bonus for neutral, efficient runners rather than a green light for overpronators.
How does the Flow ride? For a light, fast runner it has a lively feel that’s good even when training session mileages nudge into double figures. The cushioning isn’t deep, but it’s very smooth and responsive, and it’s certainly more forgiving than that of a heavy racing shoe. And as ever, Fila’s smooth, responsive forefoot feel is what this shoe provides best.
In short The Flow is a nice tempo-running shoe for efficient runners. It would also make a good half-marathon or marathon shoe for runners who can’t or don’t want to wear a racing shoe; or a short-distance racer for slightly heavier runners or mild overpronators.
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