Fila Incognito Plus £64.99

Weight 401g
Evaluation There are so many good motion control shoes from the big brands that smaller running companies like Fila are really having to carve their own niche. The challenge is to make shoes that are different but still highly functional.
That’s the way the Incognito Plus is going – with some success. Last year’s model (named the Riviter) featured a ton of medial stability twinned with a relatively light, flexible forefoot for an unusually quick feel. That suited faster, light- to medium-weight runners with serious overpronation problems.
The Incognito Plus carves a niche even further by twinning the same effective midsole and outsole with an extremely snug, supportive new upper. It uses sturdy support straps and clever lacing, combined with an internal one-piece tongue/sock to really hold the foot snugly. Too snugly, for broad-footed runners, as the sock is not very stretchy and the whole upper has a fairly narrow fit. Still, if you have narrow feet, you’ll possibly find that the Incognito Plus fits you better than any other motion control shoe. (It also has a novel flex groove in the upper, which augments an already smooth forefoot feel.)
In short If you have broad feet or need maximum forefoot cushioning, you’ll probably have to look elsewhere, but otherwise the Incognito Plus continues to offer a ton of useful, smooth-riding support for moderate to severe overpronators.
Try it on if you liked Fila Riviter (£65); Nike Air Zoom Ultra (discontinued, £85); Nike Air Equilibrium (discontinued, £100)