Fila Pantera Plus £59.99

Weight 348g
Evaluation If you’re a mild or moderate overpronator and you like the feel of a lot of shoe under your feet, the Pantera Plus could go on your testing list. You get plenty of underfoot protection, thanks to a thick, middling-to-firm midsole and a very chunky blown rubber outsole in the forefoot.
You also get good all-round stability, as the Pantera Plus has medial posts in both the forefoot and rearfoot, to reduce inward rolling of the foot. Forefoot medial posts are rare, but research suggests that forefoot overpronation can be a serious stability issue; and the post helps to give a stable, confident toe-off. Not much has changed between this shoe and the original Pantera. Essentially it has a more stable upper, which now includes an external heel counter to support the rearfoot. Unlike some other Fila shoes, the Pantera Plus has a generous forefoot fit, which could help to explain why it’s one of the company’s more successful models.
In short How does the Pantera Plus ride? It’s stable and chunky, without being heavy. If protection rather than responsiveness is your main desire (eg for long runs), it could work for you. The Pantera Plus has a unique mix of qualities, particularly its forefoot stability.
Try it on if you liked Adidas Piedmont (1999, £70); New Balance 878 (£65)