Fila Rejuvenate Plus £79.99

Weight 385g
Evaluation The original Rejuvenate was one of the hidden gems of last year – a stable, smooth-riding high-mileage trainer to rival models such as the Asics 2000 series and the Saucony GRID Omni. Wisely, Fila has kept the heart of the shoe the same – the outsole is unchanged and the midsole is the same medially posted EVA with Fila’s 2A cushioning unit in the heel-strike area.
Whether you’ll prefer this year’s update depends on your personal tastes. The fit has been narrowed in the forefoot, and the upper has more substantial overlays. Granted, last year’s open mesh upper did have a flimsy feel to it, but it does mean that this year’s model doesn’t feel quite so fast and light.
In short The Rejuvenate Plus is a slightly tamer and heavier version of last year’s sprightly model, but it’s still worth hunting out as a good high-mileage stability shoe. It’s well-suited to neutral runners, mild to moderate overpronators, and runners who want a particularly smooth-feeling forefoot.
Try it on if you liked Fila Rejuvenate (£80); Saucony GRID Omni (£70); Asics GT-2060 (£70)