Full review: Inov8 Mudroc 280 £65

Weight 283g
Evaluation When the Mudroc was launched last year, we were immediately impressed by this lightweight, sure-footed off-road gem. So much so, in fact, that we voted it one of our favourite products of 2003. Now Inov8 – the small British firm behind the Mudroc – is launching three more shoes onto the off-road market.
The first of these is a stripped-down version of the original Mudroc, the Mudroc 280. (The 280 refers to the shoe’s weight, and the first Mudroc is now the 290.)
The Mudroc 280 saves weight mainly because of its lighter material in the upper. The upper fabric, the tongue and the protection around the toes and heel are slightly thinner than the Mudroc 290, and the insole is a little less cushioned. The midsole and, more importantly, the supremely grippy outsole are unchanged.
In short The Mudroc 280 feels a little less supportive than the 290 because of its lighter upper, and unless you found the original shoe heavy, the weight saving isn’t especially significant. Still, the grip is superb.