Mizuno Wave Creation £84.99

This model may still be available on clearance. But we've reviewed a newer version since we published this.

Weight 371g
Evaluation The Wave Creation is a classic top-end ‘statement’ shoe – a plush, smooth-riding model that’s ‘safe’ for most runners. It uses deluxe versions of Mizuno’s two main cushioning and stability technologies: a full-length plastic Wave plate, and a huge forefoot VS1 cushioning pad.The Creation’s Wave plate is different from the one in other Mizuno models. Firstly, the ripples in the rearfoot cross over in an x-shape under the centre of the heel, which creates a ‘sweet spot’ to provide cushioning and some stability. Secondly, the plate extends right through to the forefoot. The extension incorporates a midfoot shank, which adds stability under the arch, and forefoot ripples for extra cushioning. It all adds up to a soft, protective ride.
Last year’s Wave Creation seemed uncomfortably stiff in the midfoot, but this year Mizuno has opened out the plastic fins which cradle the edges of the midsole, and fixed the problem. It has also slightly upgraded its cushioning material. The main change, though, is to the upper, which is lighter and more breathable, with much more mesh. The upper also has a new internal strap, which loops through the laces and genuinely creates a snugger fit.
In short The Wave Creation has ironed out its niggles and established itself as a luxuriously cushioned, reasonably stable shoe that will be especially good for forefoot strikers.
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