Mizuno Wave Renegade £89.99

Weight 400g
Evaluation Aside from the Brooks Beast, you won’t find a more specific shoe for big runners than the Wave Renegade: a superb, ultra-supportive, durable, and very well-cushioned trainer. With a Double Wave design (one plate sits on top of the other) on the medial side, which runs all the way into the forefoot, the Renegade is extremely stable, but without the rigidity you would expect of a shoe of this weight.
The Renegade is similar to its baby brother, the Legend, though it weighs more, and has a more supportive midsole with a filled-in medial side and a more rigid Wave design on the lateral side. Working together, these devices make the Renegade particularly appropriate for severe overpronators and/or bigger runners. Our weartesters loved this shoe, commenting on the great support and cushioning.
In short A shoe for big runners with the kind of support and smooth, plush ride rarely found in the motion-control market.
Try it on if you liked Brooks Beast (£84.99); Saucony GRID Stabil (£74.99); Asics Gel Koji GS (£84.99)