Mizuno Wave Wildwood £59.99

Weight 355g
Evaluation The Mizuno Wildwood is a throwback to a time when manufacturers met the needs of the off-road market by modifying road shoes. Bolt on a rugged outsole and a more durable upper and hey presto, you are in the trail business. Since Mizuno has no tradition in the off-road market, that’s exactly what is has done with the Wildwood. It is basically the Wave Rider, it has the same last and midsole, with a more rugged outsole and a shiny suit of clothes. If you can put up with the colour scheme, the result is not a bad shoe. The midsole is already relatively low (and hence stable). And while the outsole wouldn’t work on the fells, it has decent grip in most off-road conditions. The bonus is that although it’s designed for woods and trails the Wildwood performs well on the road, too. So it should suit those who do a balanced mix of road and off-road running.
In short An off-road shoe that comes from a road background. It isn’t an aggressive off-road shoe but it’s stable and well cushioned.
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