Montrail Diez Vista £69.99

Weight 340g
Evaluation The Diez Vista is an off-road shoe designed to feel more like a road shoe, an idea that is new for Montrail, but not for the market. That feel is in the forefoot, which is much more flexible than on other Montrail shoes, such as the Melee or Leona Divide. Overall, the midsole feels quite firm on the run, particularly under the heel, which has a second, firmer density of EVA on the lower section. For the first time, Montrail has integrated a full plate between the outsole and midsole in the forefoot, and between the two midsole densities in the heel. That, together with the medial post, is intended to make the shoe very stable. It is – but then so are other Montrail shoes. The Diez Vista also has a different outsole, which has individually moulded pieces of rubber rather than a single cut strip, which is supposed to produce a responsive grip. It’s probably one of the reasons the shoe is relatively expensive, but we didn’t notice any performance advantages. Although the upper is short on looks, it’s quite tough, with plenty of protection around the heel and a high cut to keep out trail debris.
In short A road-runner friendly, stable, long-distance off-road shoe for occasional road forays.
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