Nike Air Durham £79.99

Weight 435g
Evaluation As is the way with Nike’s core Bowerman running range, changes to the Durham this year are minimal. It still has a heavy, full-length polyurethane midsole – which makes it particularly well suited to weighty runners looking for maximum durability – but the medial post has been extended two-thirds of the way down the shoe, for better stability. And it still has a relatively high heel, which some runners like because it helps to ease strain on the calves.
As before, a second density of midsole foam cradles the rearfoot on the lateral (outside) edge of the shoe, and a plastic external heel counter extends all the way around the heel. The upper has been changed slightly for better support, but it’s still very soft. That might be a problem for severe overpronators, who need all the support they can get.
One final note: the Durham’s midsole is not over-soft, as we had initially wondered last year. As we suspected, the problem seems to have been limited to our pre-production samples.
In short The Air Durham is one of the few polyurethane shoes on the market, so it’s a natural big-guy choice. It has a decent midsole and good stability features, but it’s probably not a shoe for the most severe overpronators because its upper is relatively soft.
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