Nike Air Max Verona £80

Weight 268g (equivalent to men’s 319g)
Evaluation If you’re an occasional runner who doesn’t want an ordinary running shoe, the women-only Air Max Verona could work for you. It’s built on a proper running base, with rearfoot Max Air and forefoot Air cushioning. The difference is in the slip-on upper. It’s not as stable as a laced upper, but it’s a step up from other slip-on training shoes because a cross-over cover helps to keep your foot secure.
If you’re going to run for more than 20 minutes at a time, or you know you have stability problems, you’d be well-advised to look for a more serious running shoe (it’ll probably be cheaper, too). The Verona’s Max Air cushioning may be super-soft and the slip-on fit may be neat, but a more supportive shoe will provide more insurance for keeping injury at bay.
In short The Air Max Verona is aimed at the increasing number of women who are beginning to run. It’s got plenty of cushioning and it certainly looks different, but if you’re planning to run far, you should probably have your needs assessed at a specialist running shop. They’ll be able to tell you whether you need a more serious shoe.
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