Puma Complete Extol £54.99

This model may still be available on clearance. But we've reviewed a newer version since we published this.

Weight 345g
Evaluation This is a very good year for Puma shoes. Over the past few years, the company has tended to have one or two stand-out shoes among others that have struggled to be as good as other companies’ offerings. That’s meant that retailers have generally not been inclined to stock any of Puma’s range at all. Now, partly by relying less on its firm Cell cushioning technology, Puma’s new shoes are tending to be nicely balanced, smooth-riding and – especially at this high-value price point – at least as good as their competitors.
The Complete Extol is a typically understated yet pleasing shoe. It’s an everyday training model for neutral runners and mild overpronators, which derives its stability from a straightforward combination of a medial post, a supportive midfoot and a good heel counter. It has smooth cushioning, especially in the forefoot, which sits reasonably low to the ground. The fit is relatively slender through the forefoot. Testers struggled to say a bad word about the Extol. The worst they could comment was that the traction could have been better on wet pavement.
In short The million-dollar question for any Puma shoe is: would you choose it over a more readily available big-brand option? The answer for the Extol is quite possibly. It’s not a shoe that will set you on fire, but side by side with other sub-£60 stability shoes, it has a pleasing ride that more than holds its own.
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