Puma Perigree £49.99

Weight 309g
Evaluation Think of the Perigree as a performance trainer for the trails. It’s light, responsive and grippy, and our faster testers loved it. Because the foot sits low to the ground, and because – unusually – it has good grip in the rearfoot as well as the forefoot, the Perigree has a confident, surefooted feel. Three deep forefoot flex grooves add to the shoe’s quick character, and it has an easy, comfortable fit.
What the Perigree doesn’t have is a ton of cushioning – somewhere between Asics’s Gel Lyte DS and Asics DS Trainer in terms of its protection – or stability. That’s not a problem for the lighter, faster, more efficient off-road runners it’s designed for, though you wouldn’t want to run far over stones in them. You also wouldn’t want to run much on wet pavement in them, as they slip, but that’s nearly always the cost of good off-road grip. If you have any biomechanical problems, this is not the shoe for you. The heel area is too narrow and the heel counter is too soft.
In short Puma quietly continues to dot its range with some super shoes. The off-road Perigree is a good example. It has no bells or whistles, but it’s a grippy and attractive shoe for faster, efficient trail runners.
Try it if you liked Asics Gel Trespass/Gel Canyon (£40/£45); Adidas Estes (£55); Puma XC (£50)