Puma Premise £69.99

Weight 392g
Evaluation The first thing to say about the new Premise is that it received good weartester feedback – especially from our US testers. The second thing is that you may either love it or hate it, as it’s fairly heavy and it has a firm polyurethane rearfoot.

The combination of a polyurethane heel and EVA forefoot is a classic one that combines rearfoot durability with forefoot responsiveness; and in this case another layer of polyurethane adds durability in the forefoot.

But the Premise has more than just polyurethane going for it. The forefoot has good flexibility with a combination of exposed EVA and carbon rubber. The midfoot footbridge adds stability to an already stable package. Our lighter weartesters find shoes like this too firm, but others, many of whom had not worn Puma shoes before, liked the firmness, and commented on the smooth ride.
In short The new Premise has focused a lot of Puma’s energy, and it’s a nicely made shoe. While it’s best for runners who like a firm feel and may be looking for good durability, it’s far from Puma’s rock-solid Cell shoes of old.
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