Puma Preside £49.99

Weight 287g
Evaluation If you like quick, no-frills shoes, the Preside is well worth a test run. Often our testers need a little bullying to do their mileage in cheap shoes. The Preside was an exception. When twinned with the right kind of light, fast, biomechanically efficient runner, they could be used day in, day out. What you get is a low-profile, responsive shoe with mild to moderate cushioning and a small medial post. The post helps with stability, as does a mildly curved last, but the Preside is certainly not a shoe for anyone who’s heavy or who has biomechanical problems.
Not everyone who buys the Preside would be able to use it as an everyday trainer. If you want to run 26.2 miles in something that falls between a racing shoe and a normal trainer, you could use it as a marathon racer; slightly heavier or less efficient runners could happily race in it over shorter distances.
In short A no-frills shoe doesn’t have to be a bad shoe. The Preside is simple, but pleasant and light to run in. Best if you’re relatively quick and efficient.
Try it on if you liked New Balance 829 (£60); Puma Cellerator Complete Speed (£40)