Reebok Aztrek 2001 DMX £59.99

Weight 369g
Evaluation The Aztrek has always been one of Reebok’s simpler, more reliable shoes, popular with runners looking for a straightforward combination of cushioning and stability. This year’s model has been slimmed down, with a lower-profile midsole and a smaller medial post. That gives the shoe a more responsive feel, but less stability – though it is still built on an exceptionally broad, stable platform. The new Aztrek has also been given a DMX I-Pak air bag, which helps to give the ride a fractionally softer feel.
The broadness is one characteristic that distinguishes the Aztrek from some of the other stability shoes at the competitive £60 mark. Otherwise, it’s not as sophisticated. In terms of ride, it’s softer but not as stable (especially in the forefoot) as the Asics Gel 1060 or Nike Air Arma, and not as plush as the Mizuno Wave Conviction.
In short The Aztrek is a competent, reliable shoe, but it falls into a highly competitive section of the market. If you want a broad fit, though, it could be your best £60 stability option.
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